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Discounts and Benefits


Experience the nature of Paraná in a very different way and with lots of adrenaline! The Sunrise Eco Travel Agency promotes several itineraries of ecotourism and adventure tourism in the vicinity of the city of Curitiba. They are pre-defined routes full of adrenaline that involve activities like rafting, trail, horseback riding, abseiling, among others. There are several options to get to know Curitiba's surroundings in a very different style. Do more than just contemplate beautiful landscapes, interact with the place you are visiting and have an unforgettable experience!For the associate Hostelling International the Sunrise Eco Travel grants a 10% discount for itineraries that include transportation from Curitiba / PR (except for the Serra Verde train). If the member closes the activity in the destination city of the tour purchased and travel there on his own, the discount is 5%.

The UNINTER University Center is based in the city of Curitiba and has several options for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, both in person and at a distance. UNINTER grants the opportunity to study law, various engineering, executive secretariat, media, administration, accounting sciences, among others. It offers baccalaureate, baccalaureate and technological in several areas, lasting from 2 to 5 years.

The Hostelling International member receives a 10% discount on the monthly fee for the undergraduate or postgraduate courses of the UNIVERSAL UNIVERSITY CENTER at the units located in the state of Paraná. The discount is granted upon presentation of the HI portfolio and associated statement for each enrollment process, renewal of enrollment or entry into new courses. The discount is valid for both in-person and distance learning courses.

To obtain your associate statement (free of charge): or (41) 3232-5117 

More information on the site:



Opened in 1979, this is one of the most traditional bars in the historical center of Curitiba / PR, located in the heart of the famous Largo da Ordem. The bar has the style of a typical German tavern, with a rustic and characteristically decorated atmosphere. In addition to a wide range of traditional chopps, the bar offers dishes and appetizers of German cuisine such as Eisbein, jaguar meat and stuffed mackerel. One of the highlights of the bar is the Chopp Submarino, having in its background a miniature submarine that can be taken home! In addition to the fun, relaxed and festive atmosphere, it also features typical German ambient music.

Discount for members: Upon presentation of the valid HI wallet and an identity document, the Hostelling International member can buy a simple Submarine Chopp for the equivalent price of a 450 ml common Chopp.

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All those staying at HI Aju Hostel have free access to the Aracaju Oceanarium during their stay. This partnership was signed between HI Hostel and the Tamar Project to offer more leisure and savings to its clients. Contact the Hostel directly for more information. 

More information on the site:



Sabiar sells experiences to people who want to connect with the culture of the city in which they are watching. Cooking class, photography workshop, craft beer course, surf lesson and many other options are available on the website. If you want to get away from the standard tourist route, and still learn something that you always wanted and did not have time for, enjoy Sabiar's experiences.

Discount: Our member will receive 5% discount on the purchase of any course offered on the site. The purchase is all with SABIAR and to prove your association to HI it needs to send a scanner from your HI wallet and your identity.

Learn more on the site (search by date, theme or city!):


The Marine Aquarium of Paranaguá is a leisure and learning option for those who visit the coast of Paraná. There are approximately 200 species, both freshwater and saltwater, that can be seen in 23 tanks. Here you can see rays, sharks, mangroves, coral reefs, penguins and fish of different species by means of visits accompanied by monitors. Soon it will also be possible to perform interactive dives in one of the tanks, having a sensory experience with invertebrate animals and rays. The attraction also has auditoriums, exhibition spaces, a library, a belvedere and a garden.

Discount: The Aquarium of Paranaguá offers a discount of 50% (fifty percent) in the purchase of access ticket to the Aquarium by presenting the valid national or international HI portfolio and an identity document.

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For all those in love with travel that likes comfort, fewer queues, ease of purchase and still reach the most varied destinations, do not miss it!

The Quero Passagem (bus) sales center is pleased to announce the new partnership with HI Hostel Brasil and so we will be giving its users a special promotion.

Now you will have the facilities of the largest portal of Hostels in Brazil, with the practicality of finding 3000 destinations through 30 auto routes without leaving your home.

To celebrate this partnership, we are giving a 5% discount on the purchase of bus tickets for all travelers who access our Facebook page through HI Hostel Brasil.

Please to remove your discount code and have a good trip!


Travels are achievements and their achievements deserve to be shared.

FROM BRAZIL TO YOU offer souvenirs that are:

• Lightweight - take up little space in your backpack.

• Functional - are useful during your trip.

• Brazilians - represent the symbols of Brazil in the fun way.

• Affordable - Enter your travel budget.

• Ready for gift - comes with a special gift wrap.

All ready to present you or bring that souvenir to your family and friends.

Discount: 10% discount on the purchase of any item, with a valid HI wallet.

To know the products visit:


It is the 7th largest water park in Brazil. It has the name in reference to Recife, capital of Pernambuco, nicknamed Brazilian Venice. The Venice is located on the beach of Marinha Farinha, district of the city of Paulista, metropolitan region of Recife. The water park is 10 km from Olinda and 20 km from Recife. The Venice Water Park has an area of ​​90 thousand square meters and 10 million liters of water. Having one of the largest wave pools, and a huge children's play area, plus the slides that are an attraction to part.

Discount: The Venice Water Park offers the associate and 4 other guests a discount of more than 60% over the full amount of the ticket. Upon presentation of the valid HI wallet and an identity document.

In the months of February and March the tickets, for the people agreed by HI, go from R $ 96.00 to R $ 32.00 (per person). And birthday of the month accompanied by a payer does not pay the ticket (identify yourself at the box office).

More information on the site:


Paulistas, Brazilians, backpackers and gringos: everyone gets together to get to know the best of São Paulo's night in a unique way! Open beer bar, shots and drinking games for at least 1h; visit to bars with entrance fee and welcome shot; VIP entrance at renowned ballads in the city: all for just one ticket. One night only, you get the best of São Paulo's nightlife and still meet people from all over the world!

Discount: The values ​​of Fridays and Saturdays are R $ 40.00 for women and R $ 60.00 for men. By printing the voucher (and presenting along with the HI Brazil portfolio) each member has R $ 10.00. Non-cumulative discount valid for Fridays and Saturdays. 

Pub Crawl São Paulo: • Vila Madalena: Rua Wisard, 264 • Augusta: Rua Augusta, 126. 
More information on the site:


CNA is one of the largest language school networks in the country, operating in the franchising system through 501 units in operation and 200 in deployment. There are over half a million students nationwide. 
With 39 years of experience in education, the CNA renewed its Seal of Excellence in Franchising for the 21st consecutive time, granted by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF). 
The teaching materials used are unique, following the communicative methodology, through which the student learns the language naturally. 

Discount of 30% (thirty percent) for the first semester module to be taken and 15% (fifteen percent) for the second and subsequent module, which discount will be applied to the normal value of the portions related to the English and Spanish courses.The discount is valid on all units franchised to the CNA network throughout Brazil. 

Attention: it is necessary to show the valid wallet and to inform that it is an associate of the Brazilian Federation of Youth Hostels. 

More information on the site:


• Balneário Camboriú: from 3rd to 6th until 20:30, Double Drink and Beer and the Didge Onion, Fish and Chips and Combo appetizers with a 30% discount. Also, 50% on the couvert (half entrance). 

• JOINVILLE: Monday through Friday until 8:30 p.m., Double Drink and Beer and Didge Onion, Fish and Chips and Combo with 30% discount. Also, 50% on the couvert (half entrance). 

• FLORIPA: from Monday to Friday until 8:30 pm, Double Drink and Beer and Didge Onion, Fish and Chips and Combo appetizers with a 30% discount. Also, 50% on the couvert (half entrance). 

More information on the site:


Beautiful people, great food and lots of fun makes GUACAMOLE a delicious trip to Mexico without leaving the city. GUACAMOLE COCINA MEXICANA is a different place! In addition to the food flavored with intense and varied flavors and environment with colorful and thematic decoration, there is a strong dedication to service with joy and agility and respect to the consumer practicing fair prices. The GUACAMOLE also brings tequila, mariachis and much joy and vibration that makes any day be a day of celebration. 

Promotions for members: 
• Porto Alegre: from 2nd to 6th, until 20:00, 30% discount on Totopos and Antojitos; caipira and double beer (Except beers and vodkas imported. Not valid for baldinho requests); 50% couvert (half input)

• Balneário Camboriú: from 2nd to 6th, until 9pm, 30% discount on Totopos and Antojitos; (except imported drinks and not valid on holidays and holidays) 

• Florianopolis: from 2nd to 6th, until 20:30, 30% discount on Totopos and Antojitos; double cabbage and beer (Except drinks imported and not valid on public holidays and on the eve of holidays)


• Rio de Janeiro: from 2nd to 5th, until 19:30, 30% discount on Totopos and Antojitos; caipira and beer in double (Except drinks imported and not valid on public holidays and on the eve of holidays) 

More information on the site:


Free entrance to the Tamar Project located in Praia do Forte / BA, for guests of Praia do Forte Hostel, during their stay. Please contact the hostel for more information.

Praia do Forte Hostel:  


With the alberguista card, you have a 10% discount on the Pantanal Train ride. 
The return of the Pantanal Express rescued part of the history of the state and the memory of the people of Mato Grosso do Sul, mainly of the communities located along the railway, which had been awaiting the return of the train for years. 
It is 220km of pure nostalgia, in a script framed by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The Pantanal Express departs Campo Grande towards the city of Miranda, final destination of the route. It is approximately 7 hours traveling in time and traveling dozens of historical points - each step witnessed by the Pantanal exuberance. 

More information on the website:


20% discount for HI members on FCA Tourist Trains in the historic cities of Minas Gerais. 
Ouro Preto - Mariana and São João Del Rei - Tiradentes . 



Special discount for Hostelling International members. 
Abyss Anhumas. The most amazing Rapel in Brazil. Beautiful / MS. 



With the card of hosteller, you have discount on the Baptism of Diving , in Arraial do Cabo / RJ. 

More information on the site:


With the card of hostess, you have discount on dives and tours. 

More information go to:


With the alberguista card, you have a 20% discount (lunch table value) at the Porto Canoas restaurant, in Foz do Iguaçu / PR. 

More information on the site:


Associates of HI, through identification, are entitled to a 10% discount on the value of the attraction tickets of the CTI (Itaipu Tourist Complex) and the meals offered by the PTI-BR restaurant. 

More information on the site:


With the card of hostess, you have a 20% discount on the tour of Unipraias, in Balneário Camboriú / SC. There are three stations (cable car) that connect Barra Sul to Laranjeiras Beach, with its calm and crystalline waters. 

More information on the site:


With the card of hostess, you have 15% discount on the tickets for the itinerary of Trem, in the tourist class, through presentation of the card of Alberguista. In addition to the train ride, Serra Verde Express also offers packages for Morretes / Antonina, Paranaguá and several adventure and ecotourism tours. Curitiba / PR.

* Discounts granted only at the time of purchase of the tickets, for the itineraries of the Train in the tourist class, upon presentation of the card. 
More information: 
41 3323 4007


With the card of hostess, you have 15% discount on the value of the meal, in Foz do Iguaçu / PR. 

Latin American Show! More information on the site:


With the alberguista card, you have special discounts at Mundo Terra stores. Sports, Leisure and Adventure. 

Information on the site:

River Plate

Elected by the reader's choice as the best attraction of Brazil in Guia 4 Rodas 2008 the River Plate is known for its crystalline waters and rich diversity of fauna. The main activity of the tour is trail and snorkeling along the river with course around 2000m. Restaurant with lunch. 



Kuritbike is one of the most recommended tourist services providers in Curitiba-PR, with specialized guides so you can have a unique, healthy and sustainable experience of the ecological capital. There are several options for itineraries through which you can visit the city's famous postcards, such as the Botanical Garden, the Barigui Park and the Opera de Arame, as well as theme tours such as the Coffee Bike Tour, Bike & Bar, Art Bike Tour and Night Tour Photographic Tour.

Discount: the discount for members is 15% for urban bike tours (only for the city of Curitiba).

More information on the site: